Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my things be protected from changes in moisture and temperature?

A: We off climate controlled storage at all 7 storage facilities. Your belongings will be kept at a temperature level that will help eliminate moisture in the air. We also offer non climate controlled units for items that do not need moisture control.

Q: What type of security features do you offer?

A: Every one of our stores have camera monitoring that is recorded and stored for a determined amount of time. We also offer individual pin numbers for gate access control. Some of our stores even have a police officer that lives on site as a community service. Last, every gate code that is entered is stored and reviewed by our management.

Q: Do you provide locks for my storage unit?

A: We include a unique Disc Style lock upon move in that is included in the move in administrative fee. These locks are superior to standard locks as they cannot be cut by bolt/lock cutters.

Q: Do I have to sign long term contracts?

A: You DO NOT need to sign long term contracts. ALL rentals are month to month on self storage units.

Q: Do you provide dollies or Carts to help move things?

A: Yes. We offer dollies, carts, or hand trucks at all facilities.

Q: Do I need insurance for the things that I store with you?

A: Self storage insurance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. We believe that things worth storing are worth insuring. With no insurance, you store at your own risk.

Q: How do you keep track of who enters and exits your property?

A: We have 24 hour video surveillance as well as a computer system that tracks all pin numbers entered for gate access.

Q: Will I have 24 hour access to my unit?

A: Allowed access hours are typically from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 24 hour access may be allowed, but is limited to some of our facilities. Please check with manager regarding access hours.